Floor Mats

Our decorative floor mats are not only practical but also look great. Floor mats can add a splash of color to any room and provide some extra comfort especially if you have wood or tile floors. Here are some ideas for using these colorful mats:

  • Place them just inside your front or back door to trap dirt.
  • Put one in the bathroom in front of the basin or bath to keep your feet warm.
  • Place one in front of the kitchen sink for comfort and style.
  • Even the smallest room in the house can benefit from a floor mat.
  • How about using one of our pet inspired mats to place your pet's food and water bowls on. If they're messy eaters, just carefully take the mat outside when they've finished and shake it out.
  • You could also place a mat under your toddler's high chair to catch any crumbs.